Q. Can Wonki Ware be placed in the dishwasher?

Yes. All Wonki Ware is dishwasher safe. However, when using the dishwasher, take care not to over stack. Always ensure that there is room between the pieces. Some pieces are obviously too large to be placed into standard dishwashers, so these should be washed carefully by hand.

Q. How many colours and styles are there in the collection?

We currently stock the following colours and styles:

Duck Egg Blue - Wash and Lace

Warm Grey - Wash and Lace

White - Plain White, White Beach Sand and Lace

Marine - Wash and Lace

Black - Wash and Lace

Pimento - Wash and Lace (Currently in limited quantities)

New colours will be introduced periodically.

Q. What is the difference between the wash and the lace?

The wash is a painted washed colour with no particular pattern. The lace is a pattern that is imbedded into the piece. These patterns vary in design and in many cases are quite tactile.

Q. Can I order the pattern of my choice in the lace?

A. Wonki Ware is a mix-and-match collection. There are approximately 24 different patterns in the lace. If one purchases a number of pieces in a particular colour, one can expect to get a range of mixed patterns. If a stockist has a particular pattern in stock, you are obviously able to purchase it from them, but we are not able to supply patterns to order.

Q. Is Wonki Ware safe to use in the microwave?

A. Clay Ceramics should not be placed int the microwave as it can cause thermal shock and damage the piece.

Q. Can I place Wonki Ware in the oven?

Most pottery products are able to withstand high temperatures (e.g. ovens and dishwashers). However, pottery does not endure “freezer to flame" or visa versa so Wonki Ware should not be placed directly into a hot oven. Place them in a warm oven and then slowly increase the heat to the desired temperature. Allow your Wonki Ware to cool down completely before placing them in the refrigerator.

Q. Why are the sizes different for the same pieces?

Because every piece of WONKI WARE is hand crafted from start to finish, no two pieces will ever be identical. Therefor all sizes shown are approximate. Fifteen different individuals are involved in the manufacture of every single piece of Wonki Ware. Unlike items of mass production, hand made objects will always vary slightly in size and shape. This is what makes Wonki Ware so special.

Q. Is Wonki Ware guaranteed not to chip or crack?

A. No. Wonki Ware is hand-made from clay and hardened in a kiln at high temperature. The products are exceptionally robust and can be enjoyed in everyday use, but like any ceramic or pottery object, they are susceptible to chipping or cracking if not properly cared for.

Can I buy online?

Currently, we do not sell online but will be in the future. Some of our stockists do sell our products online. Otherwise, you can always visit a store near you.